JUNE 28-30, 2018 | Seoul(Goyang) Robots, VR, Drones, and The Internet of Everything

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Day 1: 6월 28일    |    Day 2: 6월 29일    |    Day 3: 6월 30일

DAY 1: 6월 28일

오전 10:00 - 오전 10:35
Writing Profiling Artificial Intelligence
오전 10:35 - 오전 11:20
Robotics Technology : What's missing and why?

A man walked on the moon almost 50 years ago. And still robots are not common in homes, offices, and retail establishments. Impediments blocking solutions are rapidly being eliminated. This session will cover historic challenges to widespread deployment of robotic solutions, recent changes, and new places we can expect to see robots in the future.

Min-Gu Kang, ARIS Technology / CEO & Founder

Will Allen, VP, HP Labs (Emerging Compute Lab)

오전 11:20 - 오전 12:00
The Sports League of the Future is Here: Giant Fighting Robots

The future we dreamed about as children is finally here. A new sports league is emerging around the world based on massive 10-ton robots battling eachother with pilots inside. Giant robot manufacturers from the US and China present their history, current state of technology, and future of the industry. Participation will be from MegaBots, Inc. the current world champion in fighting robots after defeating Japan in the Giant Robot Duel of 2017. This panel will also be attended by Futurewise Technologies, as well as Monkey King from China.

Matt Oehrlein, CEO, MegaBots

Clark Dodsworth, SimEx-Iwerks / 부사장, Osage Consulting / Founder

Lei Han, Future Wise

Shiqian Sun, Monkey King

오전 12:10 - 오전 13:00
오전 13:00 - 오전 13:30
Human-Centered and Task-based Robot Design Methodology
오전 13:30 - 오전 14:00
VC investment : Funding Innovation in Robotics & Emerging/Frontier Technolohies
오전 14:00 - 오전 14:30
The Opportunity Landscape for Cognitive Robotics Systems

In this session, attendees will learn how the latest AI and machine learning software and hardware technologies and techniques are currently being employed in ground based, aerial and maritime systems to make robots more intelligent and functional. Emerging commercial opportunities will be highlighted, including in industrial, mobile service, drones, home care, social, and many more robots. The talk will cover Research and Technological Trends in Ambient Intelligence and Robotics.

Dan Pacheco, Syracuse University / Journalism 학과장

Dan Kara , Vice President, Robotics and Intelligent Systems

오전 14:30 - 오전 15:00
Interactive Robots in Healthcare

This talk will address the how and why of robots in healthcare, particularly when it comes to robots that interact with patients. Dr. Kidd will give an overview of the types of robots that are either in use in healthcare or will be soon, talk about the rationale for why robots make sense in long-term interaction with patients, and illustrate with a successful case study from his work at the MIT Media Lab through his current company, Catalia Health.

Harshwardhan Zala, Aerobotics7 / CEO, CTO

Ping Wang (Moderator), TECHSTARS / Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR)

Mohammed Nasir , Drones for Humanity / CEO & Founder

김민찬, KT / 선수

손영록, KT / 선수

Cory Kidd, CEO, Catalia Health

오전 15:00 - 오전 15:30
Robots of Arabia : For Home & Health

This talk will address how robotics and intelligent systems are helping to achieve improvement in healthcare, both at home as well as in the hospital or clinic. This includes painless medical follow-up as well as seamless interconnection between healthcare systems & organizations and the home. Two major projects from Arabic Robotics will be discussed, including RemoRobo, for home use, and the RoboHospital system, for professional healthcare settings. Also, to be discussed are the connections and opportunities between East and West in the Robotics and AI field, including market needs and manufacturers' capabilities, as relates to the Middle East and beyond.

Marisa Sommerville, RoofTop Management / Manager

Tareq Gamal, Founder and CEO of ArabicRobotics.com

오전 15:30 - 오전 17:40
Wearable Robotics : Transforming Human Capabilities (Hosted by Wearable Robotics Association)

This panel will present technology and business experts who will illuminate the growing field of wearable robotics systems for use in worker safety, physical rehabilitation and recreational applications. Panel experts comprise a well-rounded group of technology developers, business leaders and venture capitalists all of whom are seeking to grow these technologies.

Sunny Dhillon, Signia Venture Partners / Partner

Joe Hitt, PhD, Executive Director, Wearable Robotics Association

Sigune Suttner, Managing Partner and Founder, StraightWalk GmbH

한창수, Haxar

심영보, SAIT 삼성 메카트로닉스 실험실 관리자

Igor Gaponov, KoreaTech

DAY 2: 6월 29일

오전 10:00 - 오전 10:35
A Strategy for Disaster Response Operation by using Drone
오전 10:35 - 오전 11:20
Legislative and policy tasks for revitalizing the 4th industry
오전 11:20 - 오전 12:00
Case Study and Future Direction for Logistics Delivery Service based on Drone
오전 12:00 - 오전 13:00
오전 13:00 - 오전 13:35
Dronebot combat system development direction (Tentative)
오전 13:35 - 오전 14:05
Improvement Plan of Command & Control for Dronebot based on Military Tactical Network
오전 14:05 - 오전 14:35
Possibility of hydrogen fuel cell drone
오전 14:35 - 오전 15:05
Drone threats to airpots and anti-drone systems
오전 15:05 - 오전 15:35
Drones may fly - the future of drone technology in business
오전 15:35 - 오전 16:05
Extending Drones : Drone Chraging and Intelligence Infrastructure

Today most commercial drones require human pilots who are slow, complex to organize and bear high costs. To solve this problem since yr. 2014 enterprises started developing autonomous systems that do not require human pilots but autonomous drone charging stations. Developing, testing, integrating, deploying, maintaining and servicing a drone charging infrastructure is not in their interest but their solutions cannot work without it. Skysense projects develop and build the first autonomous Drone Infrastructure, based on proprietary technology, enabling businesses to deploy drones at scale, without human intervention.

이옥연, 국민대학교 / 교수

Andrea Puiatti, Founder and CEO of Skysense

오전 16:05 - 오전 16:35
Robotics in Japan : Drones, Makers, and Girls
오전 16:35 - 오전 17:05
Regulation and patents of drone industry

DAY 3: 6월 30일

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